AccessAccess e.V.

ACCESS is a private, non-profit research organisation being associated with the RWTHAachen Technical University. Access activities comprise both fundamental and applications aspects of research in materials and related processes. An interdisciplinary staff of 35 scientists provides a wealth of experience in solidification processing of metals and alloys covering fundamental aspects of solidification such as thermodynamics, phase transformations, microstructure simulation, basic research in earth and space laboratory and state-of-the-art analytical capabilities as well as aspects dedicated to industrial applications like manufacture of turbine blades and others. The scientific and technological output of ACCESS's activities is reflected in about 20 publications appearing annually in renowned journals and more than twenty filed patents so far.

The development of MICRESS® – the MICRostructure Evolution Simulation Software – started in 1995, when ACCESS has initiated a multi-phase-field description of multi-phase equilibria allowing treating metallurgical problems in multicomponent materials and especially the simulation of solidification and solid state transformations in technical alloy systems. MICRESS® was first commercially released in 2000 and today a number of installations is operational worldwide at industrial premises as well as at research centres and universities. ACCESS at present is one of the world wide leading institutions developing, providing and applying the multiphase-field model and the respective MICRESS® software. ACCESS maintains a network of agents in the US, China, Japan, Korea, Australia and Brazil.