imdeaFundacion IMDEA Materials 

IMDEA Materials Institute is a non-profit independent research institute promoted by the Madrid regional government to perform research in Materials Science and Engineering. The Institute belongs to the Madrid Institute for Advanced Studies network, a new institutional framework created to foster social and economic growth by promoting research of excellence and technology transfer in a number of strategic areas. The InstituteĀ“s research activities are carried out within sixteen research groups led by staff researchers, which are largely multidisciplinary and involve collaboration with different groups in three main areas, i.e. Metallic Materials, Composite Materials and Modeling and Characterization. The research activities in the area of modeling cover development of multiscale modeling strategies to carry out virtual design and virtual processing (casting, forging, thermomechanical treatments) of metallic and composite materials (ab initio, molecular dynamics (MD), computational thermodynamics, kinetic Monte Carlo, computational diffusion kinetics, phase-field and Landau modeling, computational fluid dynamics, etc.), and virtual testing of metallic materials and composites (ab initio, MD, dislocation dynamics (DD), finite elements, homogenization theory, etc.). Since 2007, IMDEA Materials has participated in 13 European Projects (FP6 and FP7), 6 of which were coordinated by IMDEA.