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Integrated Computational Materials Engineering - ICME - uses a variety of software tools in a simultaneous or consecutive combination. Major developments in the area of ICME by now have successfully been driven essentially by academic and industrial users of simulation software. Even though ICME is a new and powerful discipline, coupling of different software tools is still in its infancy. If such a coupling is realized at all, major issues are significant efforts in terms of time and workforce to be spent when using the ICME approach.

about ICMEg

Once established, an open and easily accessible formulation of a global standard for information exchange in ICME settings will

  • significantly facilitate the exchange of data between different tools
  • create new options and functionalities of the present tools
  • allow for easy integration between commercial and academic approaches
  • provide the pathway for life-cycle modeling of components/products
  • allow for global optimisation of process chains
  • stimulate many further new developments